April 7th, 2017 – Kent Club Annual Dinner

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With a break from tradition, this year the Annual Dinner was held at Boodle’s, a private Members’ Club located on St. James’s Street. The Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael Snyder, was our Guest of Honour and we were kindly hosted by George Pipon Francis PAGM.

After a sparkling wine reception and a chance to mingle with Sir Michael, the diners headed upstairs to enjoy a menu of pate de campagne of veal and chicken with green tomato chutney, stuffed saddle of lamb with mint and redcurrant jus and followed by pistachio souffle with iced chocolate cream. Port and coffee then completed the meal.

After the loyal toast, the toast to the Grand Master and the toast to the Metropolitan Grand Master, Sir Michael then addressed the brethren. He talked about how he had presented the London Air Ambulance with a cheque for an additional £100,000 (to tumultuous applause from all those present), and about how Masonry in London is growing. But Sir Michael went on to say there was still work to do to persuade some members that the pressures of work and family live mean that the format and timings of meetings need to evolve. He closed by toasting the Kent Club, saying that the Club played an important role in ensuring that there is cross-lodge socialising and visiting.

The Chairman of the Kent Club, Michael Todd, then responded; thanking the organisers and our host (George Pipon Francis) he went on to mention some of the past and future events the Club had organised or was about to hold.

Afterwards, everyone retired to the bar downstairs for more drinks and conversation.

With thanks to David Luckins for the photographs.



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