December 2nd, 2013 – quintuple raising

graveWe are delighted to support a quintuple raising ceremony by the Lodge of Friendship No.206 at Freemasons’ Hall.

The meeting will 

be unusual not only because five candidates will be Raised together in a ceremony which will be performed by more than 30 individuals, but also because
it will be held in the Grand Temple. Highlights of the meeting will include:

1. The ceremony conducted in the presence of the RW Metropolitan Grand Master

2. 5 good friends being Raised together, assisted by 5 Deacons and 4 Travelling Wardens and more than 20 other individuals

3. A never-before-heard extended explanation of the Third Degree Tracing Board written and delivered by the Worshipful Master

4. The Walking Charge delivered by the Metropolitan Grand Director of Ceremonies

5. The Grand Organ played by last year’s Deputy Grand Organist

The meeting is open to brethren of any rank, although EAs and FCs will be asked to leave the temple during the Raising ceremony. However, entertainment will be provided for any EAs and FCs present whilst they are absent from the lodge.

Dining will be in the Grand Connaught Rooms (£45, including Champagne reception and wine).

 If you are interested in attending, then the Lodge of Friendship would be delighted to hear from you. Please e-mail giving the name, rank and lodge number of all those wishing to attend, together with an e-mail address and contact telephone number. At this stage, this will secure you and your guests a place at the meeting and at the dinner and closer to the date, the Lodge will be in touch again with a summons and with details of the dining arrangements, dietary preferences and payment options.

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