FMH Blue SqLaunched by the Metropolitan Grand Master, RW Russell Race on 5th November 2010, the Kent Club is an initiative of Metropolitan Grand Lodge for Freemasons over 35 years of age working or living within the Metropolitan area. The Kent Club was established to build on the superb work of the Connaught Club (for Freemasons under the age of 35) to provide a forum for London-based Freemasons to socialise, develop and understand the contemporary role that Freemasonry plays in modern society.

We organise a wide and varied range of events for all levels and interests; from the newly-made Initiate to those who have passed through the Chair, all including the most experienced and senior Masons are welcome. We work closely with the Metropolitan Craft & Chapter Demonstration Teams and have relationships with other Masonic organisations (such as the Emulation Lodge of Improvement) to help you improve your masonic learning and development.

For further information contact the committee at info@kentclub.org or Subscribe to our newsletter

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